Free 5 Micron Filter
Whole House
Filter System With
Free 5 Micron
We are your factory direct source for not only premium quality water softeners, water filters and water purification systems but also a line of home and personal
use products. Pure & Gentle has specially formulated a line of products for pure, soft-conditioned© water by Reese. Unlike other companies that just want to sell
you a water softener, we want you for a lifelong customer. With our combo units you receive a two year learn to love us gift. Everything you need from laundry
detergent to shampoo saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
After 20 years in the water treatment industry we have developed a line of salt free/no salt machines that actually work! From our flag ship salt-free iron and
sulfur removal system to our industry leading salt free Soft-Conditioner© with over 99% efficiency. We also continue to lead the industry with our line of
conventional water softeners too. No other company offers greater value and savings.
The Revolutionary New Iron
And Sulfur Treatment System
That Is Self Cleaning And
Uses No Salt Or Chemicals
The Revolutionary New Iron
And Sulfur Treatment System
With Salt-Free
Soft-Conditioner© Combo